Introducing LyoDry Midi PRO freeze dryer!

We are pleased to introduce the NEW LyoDry Midi PRO freeze dryer, enabling closely controlled freeze drying, with data logging and trends, on a smaller scale.

LyoDry Midi PRO Freeze Dryer - with data logging, trends and touch screen control
LyoDry Midi PRO Freeze Dryer – with data logging, trends and touch screen control

LyoDry Midi PRO incorporates all the features and benefits of our standard LyoDry Midi i.e. an 18Kg capacity ice condenser, with condenser temperature options of either -55­°C or -85°C; visible ice formation and hot gas defrost. It’s a modular freeze dryer, with a choice of drying chambers, whether you need an acrylic drying chamber and tray accessory, a ported column manifold for flask drying or a larger 10-tray chamber. LyoDry Midi was originally designed to directly replace the (now obsolete) Edwards SuperModulyo 12K freeze dryer, so many accessories are directly interchangeable. And it’s specially designed to sit beside a standard laboratory bench.

The LyoDry Midi PRO differs from the standard LyoDry Midi, however, as the PRO version has enhanced functionality, allowing you to perform closely controlled freeze drying on a laboratory scale. The wide screen, touch screen operator interface is simple to use, with icons on the home screen; via the icons, you can navigate to temperature and pressure values, real time and historical. Features include an option for different user accounts with password protection, alarms and pressure control. When used with our LSAD6H Heated Tray Accessory, multiple profiles – ‘recipes’ for temperature profiles (ramps and dwells) – can be created. System status is visible at a glance.

LyoDry Midi PRO freeze dryer is the latest product to join the LyoDry range of Freeze Dryers and complements the LyoDry Benchtop PRO freeze dryer which was launched in 2018.

LyoDry Midi PRO and LyoDry Benchtop PRO freeze dryers, UK designed, manufactured and supported
LyoDry Midi PRO and LyoDry Benchtop PRO

LyoDry Freeze Dryers are designed, manufactured and supported by UK High Vacuum Specialists, MechaTech Systems Ltd. LyoDry Freeze Dryers are used and endorsed by universities, government research institutes, pharmaceutical manufacturers, food and beverage manufacturers and archaeological conservators, in the UK and overseas.

Read more about LyoDry Midi PRO or see the entire LyoDry range of Freeze Dryers. Or please Contact MechaTech Systems for any further details.

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