LyoDry Freeze Dryers – 2019 catalogue

We’ve just released the latest LyoDry Freeze Dryers 2019 catalogue…

LyoDry Freeze Dryers catalogue 2019
LyoDry Freeze Dryers catalogue 2019

…detailing the entire LyoDry range of Freeze Dryers, from benchtop R&D models such as the LyoDry Compact (a direct replacement for the Edwards Modulyo freeze dryer); to pilot scale freeze dryers with temperature controlled shelves and stoppering, such as the LyoDry Maxi (ideal for pharmaceutical applications); to production scale freeze dryers such as the LyoDry Heritage which is suited to freeze drying food and beverages, archaeological materials and floral products.

New products include the LyoDry Benchtop PRO and LyoDry Midi PRO, which enable closely controlled freeze drying on a smaller, laboratory scale. The LyoDry PRO range includes data logging, trends and *multiple profile creation (*when used with the LSAD6H Heated Tray Accessory). As they are modular freeze dryers, they can be used with your chosen chamber or manifold.

LyoDry Freeze Dryers are used and endorsed by universities, government research institutes, pharmaceutical manufacturers, food and beverage manufacturers and archaeological conservators, in the UK and overseas. We receive excellent feedback.

Options include large condenser capacities, heating and cooling, data logging and touch screen control. We can provide training, service contracts, extended warranties and IQ/OQ if required.

LyoDry Freeze Dryers are designed, manufactured and supported by MechaTech Systems Ltd.

Download the LyoDry Freeze Dryers 2019 catalogue from:

Or please Contact Us for any further information.

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